Trezò /trā-zò/ noun: (Haitian Creole) treasure        “40 for 40”

In the remaining 40 days of summer before school resumes, we would love to get sponsors for our last 40 unsponsored students.  For only $30 per month, a sponsor insures that a student receives books, a uniform, teachers, and a hot meal every day!

If you have an interest in sponsoring one of our “treasures,” simply click on the button to the right that says “Sponsor a Child.”  There, you can choose from any of the remaining students waiting for someone like you.

Today’s featured child is Lobencaly Louisa joyful pre-schooler without a sponsor, who is ready to move up to Grade 1.  Would you be part of Lobencaly’s continuing education???

IMG_2099 Lobencaly Louis LL