Welcome to Trezò…

Our mission is to support the ongoing education of children in Haiti, and help their families and communities.

Trezò /trā-zò/ noun: (Haitian Creole) treasure

Trezò is a Nashville-based non-profit organization that supports an intimate, community-based Christian day school in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti. The school provides a place of safety, education, nutrition, and healthcare for a small group of children (currently 86). Founded in 2011 by two US nurses and a Haitian national, Trezò is built on the principle that lasting hope for Haiti will come from Haitians. The school’s founder, administration and staff are all Haitians, there is a Haitian curriculum and Haitian food. We provide what they lack – seed money and some skills training – and the Haitian community owns the project. The school is known as both “The Non-Denominational School” as it is open to children of all religious backgrounds, and “Espwa de Jeunes (Children’s Hope).”

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We are actively seeking partners who are capable of making larger gifts to help in one or more of the following growth areas:

Child Sponsorship:

It costs about $30/month to educate and feed a child at Espwa des Jeunes school. We are looking for those who would like to partner with us to sponsor one or more children. Please prayerfully consider if one of these “treasures” has your heart.

  • Land – the most desirable parcel that can be developed will cost approximately USD $10,000 and is available immediately.
  • Buildings – There are 2 buildings on the property so far. They need work to be usable, but when complete the standing structures will house 3-4 large indoor class rooms; 2 outdoor classrooms and cafeteria/kitchen area, an office for our principal and teachers, and a depot for supplies and food storage. These buildings can be completed for $5,000-$8,000USD.
  • Installations – Once buildings are completed, we will likely install solar power for the ‘compound’. Our current rough estimates for this are between $5,000-$10,000USD.

A long-term water solution will have to be priced out, but may be USD $10,000 to serve the larger community.

We firmly believe in the viability and value of this project. The community has banded together to make the school an immediate success. Enrollment was filled almost instantly with a Wait List of one-third again as many children. We believe that education is one of the keys to a sustainable future for Haiti’s next generation. We are seeking to honor God by developing an indigenous school, one where no outsider is king, but local leaders bear the responsibility to love and “treasure” Haiti’s children, presenting the Gospel which is for all people in every culture, and preparing them for a meaningful future.

The people of Haiti have taken a piece of each of our hearts, and we earnestly treasure them. We trust Him who has told us in His Word: “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

And, so it is with humility and a great sense of honor that we are seeking partners who will join with us in prayer, godly counsel, networking, and/or financial commitment.