6th Grade Graduations

We just returned from a recent trip to Haiti in early June and it was a particularly emotional one.  We witnessed some amazing things at the school that we knew would bless you.  


Thirteen of our students graduated Grade Six – many of whom who have been here since we first opened!  We’ve watched these boys and girls become young men and women before our eyes.  They came to us as skinny, underfed, illiterate kids who couldn’t sit still and they have grown into strong, solid, smart and secure graduates.  Honestly, it was a little overwhelming to see them in their graduation gowns and hear their classmates roaring their applause and approval.  It was a fitting honor and justly deserved for each one of them.  Most of these graduates have already accomplished what their parents could only dream of, and they are well-prepared for whatever the Lord has for them.


19222637_10211612732746754_7571192228348357756_oAnd, what great students they are!  We had the privilege and honor of reading and evaluating several of the original books that they had written.  They wrote beautiful and touching stories about the earthquake that devastated Haiti.  They wrote fiction stories about talking trees and animals, and they wrote stories about poor missionaries who spread the Gospel across Haiti.





And, just in case we had any doubt how well these students understand the Gospel, we were certainly assured in church a couple weeks ago.  There, two of our Grade 6 students took the platform for ten minutes to read Scripture and preach on giving to the poor!  To punctuate their point, these “poor” students presented each of us with a $0.25 bracelet that they had bought with their own money.



You are making an enormous difference in the lives of these young Haitian men and women.  And, they are making an enormous difference in all of us.

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